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“I will vie for the presidency one day” he declared as he staggered. Kingfish as he was popularly known was a serial alcoholic. He got that name from his drinking buddies. He had alot of facial scars thanks to his daily drinking escapades.He was dependent on alcohol.He couldn’t function without alcohol. At the village,if youContinue reading “NOSTALGIA”


War, battles, skirmishes,struggles,you name them–they all define today’s world. Everybody is fighting battles we probably know nothing about. Today people are less sympathetic than they were 30 years ago. People care less about each other today than they were in the 80’s. I was sitting in a restaurant two days ago sipping some black coffeeContinue reading “BE THE PEACEMAKER”


In 2022 Kenya will hold another general election,this time the serving president is not eligible having served two terms in office. Under the Kenyan constitution ,the president is eligible to serve for two terms ,each term is five years from the time he is sworn in. Supporters of various politicians and political parties are upbeatContinue reading “THE CRAZY SEASON”

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